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A genuine partner-led subrogated recovery service for insurer and corporate clients across the UK. We have the expertise to handle claims at all levels of value, across the full spectrum of perils including fire, flood, subsidence, impact, explosion and construction claims.

We use advanced negotiation techniques to advise on effective and innovative ways to recover outlays and ultimately increase revenue for your business at little commercial risk.

Streamline Recovery+ works with claims funded on a no win, no fee basis for claims over £10,000, thereby maximising your returns. Claims below £10,000 are dealt with on a commission basis. We offer clients a free review of potential recovery cases to assess their merits. Reviews are typically performed at the client offices, saving both time and money.

Our statistics show that, on average, we recover in excess of 80 per cent of your outlay whilst recovering our fees from the culpable third party. Supported by our unique, sophisticated case management system, we ensure all claims are handled to the high standard our clients expect. We are adept at pursuing claims through the courts or using ADR.

Our team is fully trained and experienced in recovery claims. The process we implement is both efficient and cost effective, delivering the best commercial outcome in the shortest possible time. Our team is structured for both volume instructions and for major incident work with specialist solicitors are available to deal with the high value and complex recovery claims.

Streamline Recovery+ provides accurate management information in a bespoke format to match your requirements. This can be accessed remotely via secure web-based software, providing a transparent measurement of performance.

As a result, our clients can monitor overall performance to ensure the best commercial results are achieved.

Key contact

Alun Tobias


Alun Tobias heads up the subrogated recovery team and advises both insurers and large corporates on high value/complex subrogated recovery claims. Alun’s advice expands across the spectrum of perils, including high value/complex impact, escape of water, flood, fire, landslip and subsidence. As part of his role, Alun leads a team of five lawyers specialising in recovering outlays for insurers, with a particular focus on losses, in the construction industry.

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