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Environmental compensation

Hugh James has built up a team of environmental law experts and has had unrivaled success in applying the law to protect the environment.

Our specialist team of leading environmental solicitors has successfully conducted environmental nuisance claims for whole communities affected by various forms of nuisance.  We have particular expertise in environmental nuisance claims caused by landfill sites, sewage treatment works and factories. We are also specialist solicitors in claims pursued under the Land Compensation Act relating to new or altered highways, airports, and other public work. We have sought judicial reviews of government and local authority decisions which threaten to adversely affect people’s homes and properties.

Additionally, we are specialists in dealing with the health impacts of environmental hazards, such as illness or injury caused by exposure to pollution, high magnetic fields or food contamination.

Our environmental law solicitors deal with most cases on a no win, no fee basis.

We have been able to help numerous clients by securing agreements to protect against environmental damage and by winning compensation by whatever means for damage already caused.

How our specialist environmental solicitors can help

We have conducted cases in relation to some of the biggest landfill sites in the UK where noise, flies, and smells have made people’s lives a misery. We have handled cases in relation to the nuisance caused by smelly sewage treatment works, dusty and noisy factories and intensive agriculture and nuisance caused by the legacy of former waste and industrial sites.

We are able to provide specialist advice on land compensation claims relating to new or altered highways, airports and other public works under the Land Compensation Act 1973. We have sought judicial review of government and local authority decisions which threaten to adversely affect people’s homes and properties. We are also at the forefront of battling for claimants legal rights in relation to Human Rights and its application to the environment.

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Stephanie Eedy


Stephanie Eedy specialises in group actions on behalf of communities and residents across England and Wales affected by various forms of environmental pollution such as odour, noise and dust emanating from factories, landfill sites and other similar commercial entities.  She has successfully concluded a number of environmental group actions in locations within the UK and has secured compensation and an end to the nuisance on behalf of a large number of individuals.

They’re the best port of call if you’re a claimant in a nuisance. They know what they’re doing and they’re efficient.

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